Friday, May 11, 2007

A Familiar Setting

Over the past few weeks, I've been seeing a commercial during the Red Sox games on NESN that had been gnawing at me. You maybe familiar with it. It's that commercial for New Era hats, by Olympia Sports. It has a number of young baseball stars in it, most notably Jonathan Papelbon, Justin Morneau and Robinson Cano (among a host of others).

Every time I'd see it, I would rack my brain trying to figure out where it was shot. There's a brownish building behind the players that really stuck out. I was certain it was shot in Manhattan, but I just couldn't figure out where.

I saw the commercial the other night, and I finally figured out where it was filmed. That brownish building should have been familiar for me, because it was on East 4th Street between Broadway and Lafayette Street. I've seen that building hundreds of thousands of times because it is directly across the street from my beloved former Tower Records store in Greenwich Village, where I worked for over six years.

And then at the very end of the commercial, they show the players from another angle, and in the background I could see my former store with the white coverings that now adorn all the windows. I really felt sad when I finally figured that out.

I still miss Tower Records terribly. I guess I always will.


Steel36 said...

Yeah I get still get that "record store jones"

But I realize no place will ever be Tower and I would compare any other record store to it.

I loved Tuesday mornings. I know it was a LOT of work. I'd hit the ground running-even clock in a bit early. We'd put out carts of stuff
I'd run around on Overdrive putting out bullk stacks, making way, and Overstocks, of course. and the secret-the understock was more interesting that anything you'd see.

Early Tuesday was like Christmas morning with all the new cds waiting to be discovered. The anticipation of a cd you HAD to hear.

I was the Jedi reg jockey-so just knowing I was the one people would pay their money to was cool. In the end it was Uncle Russ'es cash but hey...just fried at the end of Tuesday but it was a good feeling case I knew I had worked hard and probably took a cd or cool promo home...

or the compliment my bud Ashley said. If the Muse machine ever blew up, they could use me.

Crazy thing is I am just dying to hear the new Megadeth and the new Rufus Wainwright on Tuesday!!

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks for sharing your memories, Eddie. I have a million memories of my time at Tower, and I wish I could go back and relive them all over again.

I guess they'll just remain memories. At least no one can ever take that away from me.