Friday, May 04, 2007

Kayreoke Returns Tuesday

This coming Tuesday night at Professor Thom's will be the return of the popular "Kayreoke Night." You may remember it was started last year in response to having to listen to the endless nonsense on the YES Network when the Red Sox played the Yankees (as NESN was blacked out), and all the colorful language that came out of Sox fans when Michael Kay would say something profoundly stupid.

So every Tuesday night when the Red Sox are on the road this season (they are in Toronto next week), we will be doing "Kayreoke" (which was named after Kay), as Red Sox fans will get the opportunity to call an inning on the microphones as the sound of the game will be turned down. It's a lot of fun, and I participated in it a number of times (as you can see by the photo of me here, in the cheesy Hawaiian shirt, phony glasses and wig). There was even an article about it during the season last year in New York Magazine, which I proudly took part in:

But this time, I have been bumped up to the host role. (Just like with trivia, I am so good at it, the next logical step is to take it over!) So if you'd like to take part and give your announcing skills a tryout, come to the bar before the game begins (it's a 7:07 start time) and sign up. It should be a good time for all, especially if the Red Sox win!

And the second edition of "Kayreoke" will be two weeks later, on May 22 against the New York Yankees in the Bronx. So that night you can come in and REALLY make fun of Michael Kay, for the whole bar to hear!!


Michael Leggett said...


When they played in Toronto, a couple of weeks ago, I got NESN @ home in Queens, so we don't have anyone to mock this week;

When The Yankees are being played, then YES by all means;

We can't mock RemDawg & DO;

But anyone else's home telecasts are fair game, except for Seattle's Fine Crew;

One Saturday, a Special "Kayreoke" should be done, especially when Buck & Mc Carver are driving us all to drink(HEAVILY, I might add, especially with all that "Jeter Jabber", by Tim);

Kay? What MORE can I say!

Peter N said...

Hello Host John! Our Sox are going full bore, all cylinders, everyone contributing. May they keep this up for...oh, about 6 I asking too much? Who, me? NO WAY!
See ya, be well, GO Sox...

Peter N said...

Hey Michael!

The Omnipotent Q said...

It's too crowded on Saturday afternoons, especially if the Sox are playing the Yankees; we'll do Kayreoke Tuesday no matter which broadcast crew is on.

Another great performance by Tim Wakefield and enough offense from Big Papi to get him the win. Stay optimistic Peter!

Steel36 said...

JQ, if you are trying to get a date-that picture will not help you

The Omnipotent Q said...

That pic is strictly for comedic purposes only, my friend...I would never show it to any prospective romantic interests...