Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy 64th, Michael

A very happy 64th birthday today to one of my favorite entertainers, and one of the geniuses behind Monty Python, Michael Palin. I've had the pleasure to meet Michael at three of his book signings over the years, and he is a genuinely nice man.

As many of you know, Michael has devoted much of the last few years to his travel documentary series, and they are just a joy to watch. Michael brings his laid back style and good humor to all of them, such as Pole To Pole, Around the World In Eighty Days and Full Circle. Michael is currently working on his newest one, New Europe With Michael Palin and that will debut later this year. It is about his travels through Eastern Europe, especially those lands that were long under Communist domination until the early 1990s.

Michael has a great web site about his travels, called appropriately enough, "Palin's Travels:"

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Michael. Keep on travelling!

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