Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wallace Matthews: A Gutless Coward

Today I was on the great Fire Joe Morgan site and discovered that yesterday a so-called "sportswriter" from Newsday, Long Island's daily newspaper, wrote an absolutely worthless column that was absolutely slanderous against one of the great gentlemen of the game of baseball, Tim Wakefield.

I don't know what Wakefield ever did to Wallace Matthews, but this jackass wrote an absolute piece of garbage about Wake. Matthews starts off by basically making an absolutely idiotic comparison between Tim and baseball's steroid troubles.

Was Matthews ON steroids when he wrote this piece of crap?

At first it sounds like the column is a tongue-in-cheek one, but Matthews is actually serious about everything he says. He seems to think Wakefield is the worst pitcher in baseball, and goes on with this column and comes to some incredibly wrong-headed conclusions, like Wake's starts are the slowest in the game (they are actually among the fastest).

Here is the actual column:,0,7559777.column

There are so many things wrong with this drivel, so I will let you read Fire Joe Morgan's great retort to it:

I remember a few years ago, Matthews wrote for the NY Post, and his boxing columns were actually pretty well-written and insightful. What the hell happened to you, Wally? Did you actually jump on the Yankees payroll? Sounds like he's been hanging out with the mental pygmies who sit in the bleachers in Yankee Stadium.

I also noticed that unlike most writers, Matthews leaves NO email address where you can write back your thoughts on his columns. (But there is one at Newsday, and at last count it got over 150 replies, almost all loaded with colorful replies about this moron and the column.) Matthews is simply a gutless coward for writing this, and for hiding and not facing the criticism that would follow it.

I'm really amazed that a "sportswriter" can get away with writing such dreck as this. It is one of the worst sports columns I have ever seen in any newspaper.

Matthews ought to be ashamed of writing such worthless crap, and trying to defame one of baseball's better citizens as Tim Wakefield. And Newsday should be too, for printing it.


Steel36 said...

yo Wallace Matthews-F*** you!

This is a classic hit piece. This maroon has nothing better to do. There is no basis to any of this. I would have expected this from the "Daily News" but o well.

I am just surprised guys like this crackpot "news writer" can read

Russ Wishtart said...

You won't find a bigger Yankee fan than me - I truly hate the Red Sox.

That being said, the Matthews article was truly irresponsible. Wakefield is a class act, a great pitcher, not to mention one hell of a humanitarian. Look at our pitching lineup right now - we would die for someone with Wakefield's numbers, and the Sox pay next to nothing for him!

How the hell did the guy come up with this angle? There is so much to hate about the Red Sox, why pick on the player that is impossible to hate?

Other than that, knuckleballs are pretty cool. I'll be sad when they are not a part of baseball anymore. I hope Charlie Haeger makes it out of the minors next season.

Fuck you Wallace Matthews. The Yankees don't need writers - or fans - like you.

BklynSoxFan said...

Matthews has clearly gone over the edge. I've read where a number of Yankee fans like Russell have questioned why he'd do something like this...I wonder if just to get some notarity, or just to piss off Red Sox fans. Whichever, he's a schmuck...

Actually, Matthews writes for Newsday, not the Daily News...