Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Carpetbagger Just Doesn't Get It

I heard that Roger Clemens was miffed at a reporter from Scranton who dared to ask him a question about a lot of the negativity that's been directed his way as a result of the sweetheart deal the Yankees gave him earlier this month. After the game he pitched for the Yankees' AAA team in Scranton last night, he took reporters' questions. He said this after that question was posed to him:

“If you want to be negative, be negative. I’m not a negative person… you be negative as much as you want. If I stink and I don’t pitch well out there, I know I stink—I don’t need you tell me that. I have pride in what I do. I’ll pull my heart out and set it right there for you to see it. When I perform, I’ve done it. I got that from my mother… so if you want to write, and these other people want to write, negative… everything has to be negative these days. There always had to be a negative. I’ve always been positive in my life. It won’t end. I don’t want to be around negative people. So I won’t associate myself with those people. So if it makes you feel good to write negative stuff then go ahead but you’ve never been in the arena… never been in this arena to understand what it’s like. Keep that in mind. People read your column and associate things with me that are not true. I’ll answer it as honestly I can so that 10-year old when he reads about won’t assume things. You can tell how passionate I am about it. Ok?”

Clemens ended the press conference right then and there by slamming his hand on the table and then he departed.

How dare anyone come to the conclusion that this guy is a money-grubbing mercenary who only cares about himself.


The Angry Tech said...

Meh. Maybe he's grubbing the money for his kids. If you were him, wouldn't you? He knows he can't play great baseball anymore, so maybe he just wants to bleed as much money out of Steinbrenner as he can, put it in a fund for his children, and take the Yanks down with him as he goes.

MAYBE his signing w/ the Yankers was his way of making it up to us.


The Omnipotent Q said...

Interesting take, Rob. Would be nice if he takes the Yankees down the tubes with him...we shall see.