Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Trivia Q&A: April 30

It was like old times again on Monday night, as 19 teams competed on Trivia Night. A number of the regulars were back, and it felt like a Tuesday night again. Most teams did very well with General Knowledge questions, as well as the "British/American Words" category, where teams had to name the American equivalent of British terms. New Orleans Trivia was also well-received, and most teams also did very respectably. (The Q Train lightning round and Quantity 1-10 were both given this week off, but both will return.)

We had a close contest throughout, But Kentucky Fried Porno (Dougie Style) ran the table in the IQ Trivia category, getting all 25 points and getting the victory by 5 points. It was their second consecutive win, and next week they go for the hat trick.

Current Events
1. The first presidential debate for the 2008 campaign was held by the Democrats last week in this southern state.
2. An ex-employee of this MLB team is cooperating with baseball after he was arrested for steroid possession and distribution.
3. Jessica Sierra, who once appeared on this TV show, was arrested Sunday on felony battery charges for hitting a man on the head with a glass at a cafe.
4. This country defeated Sri Lanka in Barbados to win the 2007 Cricket World Cup over the weekend.
5. Bertie Ahern, president of this European country, announced that a general election will be held on May 24 to establish a new government in his nation.
6. Josh Hancock, a relief pitcher with this MLB team, was killed early Sunday morning in a traffic accident.
7. An earthquake measuring 4.3 was registered in this European country over the weekend, not at all known for earthquakes.
8. Sections of a freeway melted and collapsed after a fiery crash in this California city on Sunday.
9. Five US troops were killed over the weekend in Iraq, pushing the numbers of GI deaths over this number for the month of April.
10. This 1980s pop superstar was arrested Saturday for allegedly imprisoning a male escort in his London home.

Answers: 1. South Carolina; 2. New York Mets; 3. American Idol; 4. Australia; 5. Ireland; 6. St. Louis Cardinals; 7. England; 8. Oakland; 9. 100; 10. Boy George.

British/American Words
1. settee
2. off licence
3. car park
4. made redundant
5. top up
6. post code
7. pissed
8. petrol
9. constable
10. casualty department

Answers: 1. couch; 2. liquor store; 3. parking lot; 4. laid off; 5. fill up; 6. zip code; 7. drunk; 8. gasoline; 9. police officer; 10. emergency room.

New Orleans Trivia
1. In which war was the Battle of New Orleans fought that made Andrew Jackson a hero? a. Mexican War; b. War of 1812; c. Revolutionary War; d. Civil War.
2. Which MLB team has their AAA club in New Orleans? a. New York Mets; b. Chicago Cubs; c. Detroit Tigers; d. Houston Astros.
3. In which stadium do the New Orleans Saints play in? a. Astrodome; b. Tulane Stadium; c. Superdome; d. Tropicana Dome.
4. Which term is a nickname for New Orleans? a. The Queen City; b. The City of Light; c. The Crescent City; d. The Windy City.
5. What is the nickname of New Orleans' current NBA team? a. Jazz; b. Hornets; c. Bobcats; d. Rockets.
6. Which music legend is New Orleans International Airport named after? a. Louis Armstrong; b. Duke Ellington; c. Ella Fitzgerald; d. BB King.
7. Which feature film is NOT set in New Orleans? a. A Streetcar Named Desire; b. JFK; c. Live and Let Die; d. The Fugitive.
8. What was the name of the hurricane that followed Katrina in October 2005 that reflooded parts of the city? a. Betsy; b. Rita; c. Andrew; d. Charles.
9. Which university is located in New Orleans? a. Tulane; b. Rice; c. Vanderbilt; d. Auburn.
10. Which college football bowl game is played annually in New Orleans? a. Rose; b. Orange; c. Sugar; d. Cotton.

Answers: 1. b; 2. a; 3. c; 4. c; 5. b; 6. a; 7. d; 8. b; 9. a; 10. c.

General Knowledge
1. Gorgonzola is a type of what food?
2. What does "B" stand for in the acronym, "SCUBA?"
3. What ballet traditionally features the Sugar Plum Fairy?
4. Which historic American figure was the writer F. Scott Fitzgerald named after?
5. What M&Ms color was introduced in 1995 after winning a nationwide vote?
6. Hydrophobia literally means a fear of what?
7. In 1860, which state was the first to secede from the Union?
8. What general served in the Persian Gulf as the commander of US forces during Operation Desert Storm?
9. What religious leader moved the Mormon church to the Great Salt Lake region of Utah?
10. If you face north and then turn 90 degrees to the left three times in a row, which way are you facing, north, south, east or west?

Answers: 1. cheese; 2. Breathing; 3. The Nutcracker; 4. Francis Scott Key; 5. blue; 6. water; 7. South Carolina; 8. Norman Schwarzkopf; 9. Brigham Young; 10. East.

IQ Trivia
1. In 1978, which actor recorded a single with his co-star that reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart? (5 points)
2. Which president was in office when the voting age was reduced from 21 to 18? (4 points)
3. Gregor Johann Mendel was best known for his discoveries in what branch of science? (6 points)
4. Who was the first host of Saturday Night Live in October 1975? (5 points)
5. How many men have walked on the moon? (5 points)

Answers: 1. John Travolta; 2. Richard Nixon; 3. genetics; 4. George Carlin; 5. 12.


Michael Leggett said...

(A):Are Those Your Final Answers;

(B); #600 is up, as of right now.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I'll check it out; congrats Michael...