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Trivia Q&A: April 27

It was a big night at Professor Thom's on Tuesday night, as the crowd was enjoying the Celtics wrap up their opening round series with Miami, and the Red Sox took a second game in Toronto. (There was even "Lost" Trivia going on up in the Loft, but not hosted by me. They had a big turnout for that, too.)

We had 19 teams in for the Trivia, and we didn't get started until the Celtics game ended at about 9:30 PM. (Nice to see my old friends, The BLOHARDS, in for Trivia Night after an extended absence.) Most teams got off to a good start with Current Events, but the Q Are You? round was a bit tough, and the highest score was just 5 of 7. The scores on The Q Train and General Knowledge were pretty strong as well.

The top teams were close all night, and we had the top five teams separated by just two points going into IQ Trivia. But the team holding first place, It's Not Illegal, Just Frowned Upon, Just Like Masturbating In An Airplane held on and won the title by four points by getting 4 of the 5 questions.

Nice job guys, as they achieved the rare double of winning Trivia Night and Best Team Name as well.

Current Events
1. A senior cleric in Iran last week said that women who wear revealing clothing and behave promiscuously are to blame for this, something that has always plagued the country.
2. A recent poll in the US and Western Europe by Harris Interactive of the world's most respected leaders named these two men at the top of the poll. Name 1 of the 2.
3. This rock star suffered a brain hemorrhage last weekend and was in critical condition, according to his web site.
4. Islamic fundamentalists in this African country declared music to be "un-Islamic" and radio stations throughout the country cut all music from their broadcasts.
5. Benjamin Hooks, a Baptist minister, attorney and executive director of this organization from 1977-1992, died recently at the age of 85.
6. This state enacted a new immigration law last week, sparking lots of controversy and calls to boycott the state in terms of tourism and major events there.
7. Heinz Fischer was re-elected president of what country this past Sunday?

Answers: 1. Earthquakes; 2. Barack Obama and Dalai Lama; 3. Bret Michaels; 4. Somalia; 5. NAACP; 6. Arizona; 7. Austria.

Q Are You?
1. This man was born in Montreal, QUE in 1931. He is an actor, novelist, author and a recording artist. He's best known for his role on an iconic TV series of the 1960s, but he won two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe for his work on an ABC series in the 2000s.
2. This woman was born in Ladysmith, BC in 1967. She's a model, actress, producer and author. She was Playboy's Playmate of the Month, starred in two highly successful TV series and has been married three times.
3. This man was born in Texarkana, TX in 1930. He founded his first company, Electronic Data Systems in 1962, which he sold in 1984 to GM for $2.4 billion. He's dabbled in politics and is currently the 85th richest man in America.
4. This man was born in New Orleans, LA in 1976. He's been the MVP of the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, and the NFL four times, a 10-time Pro Bowl selection, and was the overall number one selection in the 1998 NFL draft.
5. This man was born in Shropshire, England in 1939. He was the lead singer and guitarist of a UK band that had limited success but a devoted following and after they split in 1974, he's had a successful solo career, with his best known song was the theme song for Drew Carey's ABC TV series.
6. This woman was born in New York City in 1981. She's a singer, musician and actress. Her first album in 2001 sold 12 million copies and it earned her 5 Grammy Awards. Her third album in 2007 earned her three more and she was named top R&B artist of the 2000s by Billboard magazine.
7. This man was born in New York City in 1946. He has directed 18 feature films and won three Oscars, one for Adapted Screenplay and two for Best Director, and overall his films have won nine Academy Awards.

Answers: 1. William Shatner; 2. Pamela Anderson; 3. Ross Perot; 4. Peyton Manning; 5. Ian Hunter; 6. Alicia Keys; 7. Oliver Stone.

1-10 Trivia ("The Q Train")
1. The number of years the American Civil War took to fight.
2. This was the number of Roman Catholic presidents in American history.
3. This is the number of elements in the Periodic Table that begin with the letter "Z."
4. Dudley Moore starred in a film in 1979 with this number.
5. How many different types of pieces are there in a standard game of chess?
6. How many counties are there within New York City?
7. How many points is a ringer worth in horseshoes?
8. This was the total number of deadly sins.
9. This was the number worn by MLB Hall of Famers Carl Yastrzemski, Yogi Berra and Gary Carter.
10. The Beatles had a song on "The White Album" called "Revolution Number what?"

Answers: 1. four; 2. one; 3. two; 4. ten; 5. six; 6. five; 7. three; 8. seven; 9. eight; 10. nine.

General Knowledge
1. What restaurant franchise did Ray Kroc take over in 1954? ( 1 pt)
2. What actress won the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in "Walk the Line?" ( 1 pt)
3. The battles of Lexington and Concord marked the beginning of what war? ( 1 pt)
4. The Third Republic was what nation's government from 1870-1940? ( 2 pt)
5. What astronaut circled the earth in 1962 in the space capsule Friendship 7? ( 2 pt)
6. What team was Josh Beckett the World Series MVP for in 2003? ( 2 pt)
7. Between China, Australia and Brazil, which nation is the smallest in area? ( 3 pt)

Answers: 1.McDonald's; 2. Reese Witherspoon; 3. American Revolutionary War; 4. France; 5. John Glenn; 6. Florida Marlins; 7. Australia.

IQ Trivia
1. What welterweight champion boxer, born Walker Smith Jr., was chosen as the greatest fighter of the 20th century by the Associated Press? ( 4 points)
2. Founded in 1867, what organization required members to pledge to "protect the weak, innocent and defenseless, and to relieve the injured and oppressed?" ( 5 points)
3. What early 20th century novelist is best known for a series of novels called "Remembrance of Things Past?" ( 3 points)
4. What mountain was called Denali ("The Great One") by the Indians, but Bolshaya Gora ("Great Mountain") by the Russians? ( 4 points)
5. What country singer released an album in 1992 called "Joshua, Judges and Ruth" named after three books of the old Testament? ( 4 points)

Answers: 1. Sugar Ray Robinson; 2. Ku Klux Klan; 3. Marcel Proust; 4. Mount McKinley; 5. Lyle Lovett.

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