Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big Man With A Heart of Gold

David Ortiz may have gotten off to a rough start this season, and let off steam recently to an assemblage of sportswriters with lots of colorful language.

But despite the pressure on him to produce, he is still a gentle soul, as this story sent in by a Red Sox fan to writer Pete Abraham can attest to. The fan met Papi in Kansas City after a game with his young daughter.

It's definitely worth reading, from the Extra Bases Blog.

And interesting take on Papi's early season struggles, from Alex Speier.


Rick said...

ah yes the small sample size dilemma. Maybe a little more time and to some extent some qualitative analysis of his at bats must also be done. I however can be worried about Papelbon because of last year also (and of course last year's playoffs) is his lack of control. More specifically I am puzzled by his reluctance to throw a pitch down the plate when he has a multi-run lead (same as last year). If you have a three run lead - let the leadoff guy hit it (the worst is that you will be up 2 runs) and the ball probably gets caught. He needs to pitch to scoreboard a little more.

But he did get the save today :)

The Omnipotent Q said...

I kept thinking to myself today with Pap pitching, "go after him!" Just mystifying, Rick.