Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter/Opening Day (Night)

First off, a very Happy Easter to all of you out there. Hope all of you enjoy the day.

I will be spending my very first Easter Sunday in Fenway Park, as the Red Sox open up the 2010 season and play the very first game of the '10s against Those Guys Just to the South of New England. (Or is it "teens?" We have to make a decision about this.)

It will be my first opener at Fenway, and my fifth Opening Day game I've been to. I've been to two openers at Shea Stadium, in 1969 and 1987. (Mets lost in 1969 and won in 1987.) And yes, I saw the 1986 World Series championship banner raised live and in person. Talk about mixed emotions.

I've been to two Yankee Stadium openers in my life, in 1992, with New York against the Red Sox and 2003 against the Twins. The Red Sox lost (and finished last that season, and God-willing, for the last time) and New York won in 2003. I remember that day well not for Hideki Matsui's grand slam in his first MLB game, but for how bloody cold it was that day. It never got above 39 degrees, and it's the only baseball game I have ever worn a parka to.

Thankfully, it will be in the 70s in Boston in Sunday.

I will be going up to Boston with the BLOHARDS, the group of loyal New York-based Red Sox fans, of which I am proud to call myself one. I'll be going up on their famous Opening Day bus trip. I was supposed to go up last year, but the rainout on Opening Day canceled it for me, and I had to my Trivia Night the next day. I'm glad I'm getting the opportunity this year.

I'll have a full report on the game on Monday. I won't be home until after 5 AM, as thanks to MLB and their ever-increasing need for greed, ESPN is showing the opener at 8 PM on Sunday.

A blessed Easter to all of you.


Rick said...

Happy Easter - Enjoy the trip - bring a home a win. Will be thinking of you at Thoms and will probably see you there for the rest of the Yankees series. Glad the season is here :)

The Omnipotent Q said...

Have a Happy Easter too, Rick. I'll be thinking of you and the entire Thom's crew at the Fens tonight. See you on Tuesday!

Tex said...

I cannot WAIT to get a recap!! Hope you have a blast!

Suldog said...

Happy Easter, Q! You saw a beauty!

Jere said...

I hope, like mine, your section was strewn with entitled-feeling Yankee fans who, at 5-1, were more certain than anything in the world that their team had already won the game, and that you got to watch as they all were forced to shut their damn mouths and slink outta there.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Absolutely right, Jere. There was one moron who carried a sign that said "The Champs Are Here" while New York was leading. He and many of the other interlopers were surprisingly missing by the ninth inning.