Sunday, April 18, 2010

In Plain, Easy-to-Understand Language

The Boston Red Sox look like shit right now.

Sorry. No other way to state it now.

They aren't hitting, they aren't pitching. They aren't catching the ball well. And dropping home games to one of your division rivals isn't helping matters any, and it doesn't matter what the calendar says. They are now 1-5 at home against New York and Tampa Bay.

I'm not going to sum up the latest disastrous team performance on Sunday, other than I thought last Thursday afternoon in Minnesota was bad, but what they did today was in front of their home fans who paid good money to witness it.

The Rays are hungry, no doubt about it. And they are showing why many think they are a playoff team this weekend. They pitch, hit and run very well.

The Red Sox look old, slow, lethargic. Almost like a team playing out the string in late September. They can't buy a hit when it matters. They are digging themselves an early season hole they may have a lot of trouble climbing out of.

Sorry if I sound like one of those fans who thinks the sky is falling, but seeing another embarrassing performance on Sunday really makes me question this team right now. And I don't care if there's 150 games still to play. I pray that the first dozen games are not a portend of things to come. Can the Red Sox turn this around? Of course they can. (They have gotten off to slow starts the last decade, and made the playoffs. So it's far from done.)

It just feels like it's getting late. In the middle of April.

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Rick said...

I agree - I am afraid of appearing silly that it is so early in the season but it is difficult to remember a stretch where they have looked so poor in all phases of the game. The reality is that we can not afford to get too far behind Rays (for Wild Card)