Monday, August 23, 2010

As We Wait On a Red Sox Legend

The ball is now in Johnny Damon's court.

As the world now knows, the Red Sox claimed Damon on waivers today from the Detroit Tigers, and the two clubs have agreed on a deal. Damon has until Wednesday afternoon to decide if he wants to return to the scene of his greatest glory: Fenway Park. He has a no-trade clause in his contract, and the red Sox are one of the teams he can veto a trade to.

It sounds like the team wants him back, and I've heard that both Jason Varitek and David Ortiz are on board with it. A poll at currently has about 69% of the fans for it.

I was checking out the Tigers game tonight, and Damon currently growing a beard. A portent of things to come?

Damon has said it's tough decision, that he likes the Tigers and playing in Detroit, but they are now out of the pennant race. Damon says it bothered him when the fans got on him after he left for the Yankees, and it sounds like he still holds a grudge against Red Sox management for the way he felt he was treated after he became a free agent in 2005.

Well, now, can be a time when both sides can mend fences, and Damon can repair the legacy he damaged when he left for New York. If he ultimately decides to spurn the Sox, he better have a good reason. The Red Sox fans will be watching closely, and he will really be in for it the next time he sets foot in Fenway Park in an enemy uniform. Stay tuned.

The Sox beat the Seattle Mariners tonight, 6-3, behind eight innings of the mostly solid starting pitching of John Lackey. He had only one really bad inning, and that was the sixth, when the Sox were up 3-1, and Lackey gave up four hits and the Mariners tied it.

But Marco Scutaro was the hitting star tonight, getting two clutch singles that drove in two runs each time. Jonathan Papelbon shut down Seattle in the ninth for his 31st save.

New York lost in Toronto, so the Red Sox are now 5 1/2 games back in the East.


Rick said...

From Johnny Damon's point of view I do not know why he would not accept. Even though he loves the Tigers he only has 5 weeks to go there (and as far as loyalty goes - they did waive him). Making good with Red Sox and Red Sox nation would obviously open a lot of doors for his post-playing days.

On a tangential note: Papelbon's stuff has looked the best it has been in over 2 years

(put me down as wanting Damon back)

BklynSoxFan said...

I think Damon is still angry with Red Sox management over the way he became a free agent in 2005, so I think that's why he declined, Rick. I'm sure the fans would have welcomed him back. He could have mended fences and helped his Boston legacy, but he chose not to. But whatever team he shows up with in Boston in 2011, the boos will be louder than they have been in some time.

Rick said...

yes agreed. His comments are very puzzling - apparently he has a lot of loyalty to the team that just waived him