Tuesday, August 10, 2010

#10: It Takes All Night To Drive 106 Miles?

Here's the number 10 clip in my YouTube clips for August. Another of my favorite all-time comedies is "The Blues Brothers." Lots of great music and lines, especially when Jake and Elwood leave their gig with the money to save the orphanage and Elwood says those immortal lines "It's 106 miles to Chicago..."

Over the years in watching the film, something dawned on me. Let's say it's midnight when they leave this gig. It's 106 miles to Chicago and they are driving at top speed. They arrive in Chicago (with absolutely no traffic on the streets) as business is just going that morning. So let's say it's 8 AM. It took them eight hours to drive just over 100 miles while being chased by the cops?

I know, I'm reading too much into it. It's a great film and it doesn't take anything away from the movie. But still...

Here's Jake and Elwood as they depart and the chase is on. Enjoy.

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