Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not Getting Better Anytime Soon, Mets Fans

Last night I watched the Red Sox pull out the whoopin' sticks on the Toronto Blue Jays, as they hit four home runs and Clay Buchholz pitch eight strong innings in a 10-1 win.

But that's not my focus right now. Today I write about the embarrassment that is the New York Mets. (It seems like the only time I talk about them is when stupid nonsense happens.)

You've all heard by now the dustup that Francisco Rodriguez had with his father-in-law in the Citi Field locker room after the game last night. His victim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, but Rodriguez was arrested and will be charged with third-degree assault.

Once again, the Mets have embarrassed their fans with crap like this. They are a joke of an organization, with the worst GM and worst manager currently employed in baseball. (Why the hell wasn't Rodriguez in the game with the bases loaded and two outs and the Mets with a one run lead? Jerry Manuel is an awful in-game skipper.)

The Mets are an also-ran, the Other Team In Town in New York. They are run by a collection of nitwits. The Wilpons won't fire either Omar Minaya or Manuel because they don't want to spend the money to bring in someone with a decent pedigree, and they are still on the hook with Minaya for another year at $3 million. Exactly what the hell were they thinking in giving this clod a three-year deal in 2009? He's been the architect of two major collapses (one historic), and has given odious contracts to stiffs like Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo.

It still makes my head spin that BOTH Manuel and Minaya still have jobs today.

And both Fred and Jeff Wilpon will hide their heads in the sand today after what happened last night and pray this all blows over. There are more and more empty seats at Citi Field and their loyal fans are very pissed off at all this. The best thing they can do is stay away and keep their money in their pockets until some real change is made.

The Mets are currently where the Red Sox were in 2001. Lots of bad contracts, an awful manager and GM, and a front office that needed to be overhauled.

And the Red Sox fans got their wish when the team was sold to John Henry and company. Their first order of business was to clean house and fire the manager and GM, both of whom were in the middle of their contracts. (Does that seem like about 50 years ago or what?)

The Mets have to do the same thing. They need new ownership, someone with a vision. They currently have absolutely no vision, no plan, no nothing.

The Mets are an embarrassment to the city of New York and their fans, and last night was just the latest in a long line of embarrassments. It's sad because New York is a National League town and it was really exciting when they were on top, and the Yankees were an afterthought. Those days seem like 100 years ago.

But it doesn't appear that team will be sold any time soon. And that is bad news for Mets fans everywhere. Terribly, terribly sad.

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Steel36 said...

You mean K-Rod hit the target for once? Shocking...

This is the latest in a long line of stupidity