Saturday, August 21, 2010

A 16-2 Loss Wasn't The Worst News of the Night

Jon Lester simply got the crap kicked out of him on Friday night, allowing 9 runs in 2+ innings, by far the worst start of his career, as the Toronto Blue Jays coasted to an easy win at Fenway.

Toronto scored five in the first and you knew this was going to be awful. It just got worse as the night wore on.

Toss this one into the garbage and forget about it.

But, before the game, the Red Sox had to place Dustin Pedroia on the DL for the second time, as he re-injured the foot that originally put him on the DL in June.

When will he be back? Lord only knows. He is the fourth Red Sox player that has made multiple trips to the DL this season.

Get well soon, Pedey.

The only good news of the night is that New York and Tampa Bay both lost. But time is running out.

I've got a sinking feeling the curtain is slowly coming down on this season.

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