Saturday, August 14, 2010

As We Watch This Season Fade Into The Sunset

As Nelson Cruz' extra-inning blast was heading into the seats in Arlington, was anyone else thinking like me, of a certain night in October of 2003?

Tim Wakefield on the mound, first batter of the 11th hits the first pitch of a tie game...

OK, sorry. Enough of the bad memories.

You can't blow six-run leads at this time of year and expect to make the playoffs.

Right after the Sox scored seven in the fourth, my first thoughts were: DON'T LET TEXAS SCORE EVEN ONE RUN IN THIS INNING. IT WILL PUT THEM BACK IN THIS GAME.

So what does Josh Beckett do? He's gives up TWO in the fourth, and two more in the fifth.

It's a brand new game.

I knew the Red Sox would blow this. On a night when they hit five home runs, and have a six-run lead, they lose. This season is not going to end well.

45 games are left and they simply can't afford any more shitshows like this. Every win is precious. New York and Tampa Bay both lost, so there's goes another golden opportunity to gain ground. They are flushing the 2010 season down the toilet but fast.

I dare you to prove me wrong, guys.

I'm pissed and I've had enough of this crap. Time for bed.

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