Thursday, July 16, 2009

WTC Site to Be Open on September 11

It was announced yesterday that the loved ones of those lost in the September 11 attacks will be able to go into the site during this year's remembrance.

For the past seven years, we were able to go down the long ramp into the site to pray and remember those lost, but since construction has moved at a rapid pace, it looked like last year was the final time that could happen. The ramp going down had been removed earlier this year.

But a new upper level of the memorial site has been built and those want to go in can. And the plaza across Church and Liberty Streets will once again host the remembrance, as it has the last two years.

It means a lot to all of us that since some access to the site is available this September 11, that we are able to go in. I have been there for all seven previous remembrances, and it is an experience that is really hard to put into proper words. Thanks to the city and state for allowing that to happen.

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