Sunday, July 05, 2009

Six Red Sox Head to St. Louis

Six members of the Boston Red Sox will be heading to St. Louis for the All-Star Game on July 14th. Jason Bay and Dustin Pedroia were elected by the fans. That guy from New York (his name escapes me at the moment) beat out Kevin Youkilis at first, but Youk was added to the roster, as were pitchers Jonathan Papelbon and Josh Beckett.

Also on is Tim Wakefield, who will be making his first ever All-Star appearance, at the age of 42. He will be oldest player making his All-Star debut since Satchel Paige made his in 1952 at age 46.

AL manager Joe Maddon said that Tim got in because of "his body of work." Classy move, Joe.

Congrats, Wake. A well-deserved honor.

Here are the complete All-Star rosters for the American League and National League.

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