Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Rookie Pitcher Sends Sox Back to The Tank

So, how many of you out there still think John Smoltz was a great pickup this winter?

Smoltz got whacked by the lowly Baltimore Orioles on Sunday, giving up six runs in just five innings as the Orioles salvaged the last game of the weekend series, 6-2. They also broke their 11-game losing streak at Fenway Park as well.

Rookie David Hernandez (who?) baffled the Red Sox for seven innings, as he retired the first nine, and allowed just one run in getting the win. What the hell is it with this team facing rookie pitchers? They make these guys look like crafty veterans.

The combination of Kevin Youkilis, David Ortiz and Jason Bay (that's your 3-4-5 hitters for those of you keeping score out there) went a collective 0-for-12 on Sunday. Stink-o.

That's taking nothing away from Hernandez. The O's are high on this 21-year-old pitcher, and he pitched well in his previous start against the Yankees.

Smoltz was used for target practice by the Orioles. Nick Markakis had 3 RBI including a bomb of a homer to right. The O's scored one in the first and three more in third, and went on cruise control from there.

New York's win over the A's on Sunday once again puts the Red Sox 2 1/2 back in the AL East.

Terry Francona says he still has faith in Smoltz, but he is now 1-4 with an ERA over 7.00. His next start is against the Orioles once again in Baltimore on Friday night, which will be just hours after the trading deadline passes. Today makes me wonder if he'll be making that start or not.

I have to admit I watched more of the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies today on MLB, especially after it got ugly early in Boston. I think Bud Selig needs his eyes checked, as he not only butchered Jim Rice's years with the Red Sox (it didn't start in 1979, Mr. Commissioner, but 1974), and also who Rickey Henderson played for in 1997 (it was the Angels, not the Yankees, Bud). But I enjoyed the ceremonies, and it was just such a great day to be a Sox fan there. My pal and Governor of Red Sox Nation-NY, Chris Wertz, was on hand representing us all. (It was great seeing Carl Yastrzemski there, but he really seems to have aged a lot in recent years.)

And Rickey Henderson never once referred to himself in the third person!

Congratulations to Jim Ed, Rickey, the family of Joe Gordon, Tony Kubek and Nick Peters.

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