Monday, July 27, 2009

Omar Minaya: A First-Class Disgrace

As all of you know, the Mets finally jettisoned a cancer that was plaguing their team today, as their VP of Player Development Tony Bernazard was finally given the axe today.

It was about time. It's well-known that Adam Rubin, Mets beat writer for the New York Daily News, wrote a number of articles about Bernazard that led to the Mets finally taking action against this clod. He was a thoroughly disliked individual who wheeled unusual power within the Mets organization. If Rubin hadn't written the series of articles, the Mets surely would have done nothing to Bernazard.

But in a truly disgraceful press conference, Mets GM Omar Minaya tossed Rubin under the bus. Minaya accused Rubin of an ulterior motive for writing the articles, that he was looking for a job in the Mets organization with player development, and once he didn't get one, he went after Bernazard.

What a bunch of BS. It was clearly a case of killing the messenger, and reminiscent of the worst kind of Washington political mudslinging. "Rubin got one of 'our guys', so now we're going to get him." Incredibly vindictive. I am now convinced that Minaya couldn't find his ass with both his hands.

Minaya singlehandedly destroyed his relationship with the media. Can anyone in the print media ever trust this guy again, on or off the record?

Minaya comes off as a disgruntled asshole, and you have to wonder if Jeff Wilpon, who now runs this pathetic show in Queens, told Minaya to go after Rubin. Rubin was mortified during the press conference, and afterwards denied totally he was trying to get a job with the Mets. Rubin explained he had spoken with many other people from different organizations about getting into baseball, and never spoke once about it with Minaya. But he did say he spoke with Wilpon about it, so you have to figure that Wilpon sicced Minaya on him.

And if Wilpon didn't, Minaya should be fired right now for disgracing the Mets organization for doing something so despicable.

He's totally lost control of the organization. What should have been a simple press conference to announce a major change in personnel turned into yet another embarrassment for one of baseball's laughingstock organizations.

The Mets ABSOLUTELY need new ownership. Someone who knows how to run a winning team. Someone who has the first clue. But unfortunately it won't happen any time soon.

Sad. Pathetic. Disgusting. Disgraceful.

Pick your adjective. They all fit the New York Mets right now.

And this from "Can't Stop the Bleeding" on their Twitter page tonight. This sums up the Mets and their moronic front office nicely:

Here’s a list of things the Wilpons and Minaya don’t understand:
1) public relations
2) journalism
3) ponzi schemes
4) baseball



Steel36 said...

Just when we thought that Omar & The Mets could not get any more bizarre, this press demolition happens.

The last few years have been an off the rails train wreck. Blaming the media for Tony B's behavior? A vendetta of epic amounts? I was wondering what meds Omar would need so he could exist in a reality based dimension.

That was painful to watch. Omar is so concerned for himself that no action is too low. He cannot take responsibility for his own mistakes.

All Omar wants is headlines. Well he sure got them with today's bomb throwing.

Hope that Jeff Wilpon does not replace Omar with Jim Bowden.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I think Jim Bowden would be a step up right now after this pathetic clown show, Steel.

Steel36 said...

There is no way back for Omar at this point. Hope that a new GM is in Queens stat. a house cleaning is in order.