Tuesday, September 30, 2008

These Are The Good Old Days

From Mike Vaccaro's column in today's New York Post:

"Man," a Yankee fan named Jose Ayala said outside Yankee Stadium, "I can't stop thinking that Boston is going to be in October and we aren't. Something's wrong, man. Something's just not right."

Tee-hee. Another Yankee fan who can't face reality. The Red Sox are so far the Team of the 21st Century, with two World Series championships and five playoff appearances in six years. The Yankees are a team in decline and had no business being near a playoff berth this season. The Red Sox earned it and New York didn't. Just another one of their fans who pines for "the good old days."

And by the way, on a side note, in the same column, this guy says all of his friends who were Mets fans were rooting for the Yankees in the 2001 postseason after the horror New York went through with the September 11 terror attacks. Maybe his were, but I didn't know ONE Mets fan pulling for the Yankees in that postseason. (Mets fans weren't forgetting what happened the previous October.)

Like Rudy Giuliani said after the worst day in our history: we have to go back to living our normal lives. And for me and MOST Mets fans in New York in October 2001, that's rooting against the Yankees.

The Yankees weren't good enough in 2008 and the Red Sox were. That's reality, pal. Get used to it.

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