Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Frerotte In, Jackson Out

The Minnesota Vikings finally pulled the plug on The Tarvaris Jackson Experiment, as head coach Brad Childress announced today that 37-year old backup QB Gus Frerotte is now the number one quarterback and Jackson now will take a seat on the bench.

And Childress said that it's for the rest of the season.

The Vikings had to take this action, as the biggest weak link on the team is at QB. The Vikes had to settle for nothing but field goals in the loss to Indianapolis last Sunday, as Jackson continued to sputter in trying to get the team into the end zone.

How much Frerotte has remains to be seen. As Fanhouse points out in this article, Jeff Garcia appears to be available at Tampa Bay, and he would be a good fit in Minnesota. Let's hope this move to Frerotte can get the Vikings season on track, or Childress won't last the season.

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