Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Heart, No Soul, No Guts

I'm not talking about the Boston Red Sox here, but I am talking about the New York Mets, who are on the verge of late-season infamy. Once again.

Their games these last few weeks are simply excruciating to witness. A team that has an absolute horror show and a total joke for a bullpen. They can't get a hit when it matters. Johan Santana can't pitch every day. Tonight's loss to the Cubs was the worst loss of the season. They had a man on third and no outs on three straight occasions in the late innings, the worst being a triple by Daniel Murphy leading off the ninth in a 6-6 tie, and couldn't get him in. The Cubs, who've wrapped everything up in the NL, had nothing to play for, and scored 3 runs in the tenth and won, 9-6. The Mets had everything to play for. And they come lemons again. Pathetic.

On a night when the Phillies dropped another to the Braves and the Brewers won. It was a golden opportunity gone, to be just a 1/2 game behind Philly and 1 up on the Brewers. They are now tied with Milwaukee for the Wild Card lead. The Mets are as good as dead now.

They have no heart. No guts. They belong nowhere near the playoffs with this bunch. They are going to ripped a new one by the media on Thursday, and they deserve all of it. (I had the game on the radio in the tenth, and when the stadium played charge calls in the bottom of the tenth inning to try to get something going, the remaining fans just booed it. And rightly so.)

If the Mets miss the playoffs again they need a thorough housecleaning and change the losing culture of this team. Don't bring back manager Jerry Manuel, although he has done a decent job. (Notice he still has the "interim" tag on him?) They should offer Jose Reyes or David Wright around baseball and see what they could land for them. They should go out and get players with some heart, with some guts, gamers who don't fold at the home stretch.

The difference between the Red Sox and the Mets is incredibly stark. The Sox are loaded with gamers, ballplayers like Pedroia, Youkilis, Ortiz, Lowell and Varitek. They take no crap and just grind and grind and never give up (see ALCS 2004 and ALCS 2007). The Mets are loaded with chickenshit, guys who play scared.

The Yankees are dead, and New York is wide open for the Mets to take. And they look like a bunch of frightened rabbits right now.

And I heard on TV yesterday that they are bringing back the architect of this disaster, Omar Minaya, back for another four years. I find this mind-bogglingly stupid. If the Mets blow this for the second straight year, his ass should be fired on Monday morning. Period.

Let me write that again. If the Mets fold for the second straight year in the final days of September, they will still be bringing back Minaya, who put this disaster together and presided over two straight infamous collapses, for four more years.

My sympathies are with all loyal Mets fans, especially the ones I've known for many years. They don't deserve this crap, and especially from an asshole of a GM who couldn't find his ass with both his hands.

I dare the Mets to prove me wrong.

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