Monday, September 08, 2008

Don't Bother With This Year's Playoffs

I had on WFAN radio this afternoon and caught part of the new "Mike Francesa Show" (or "Mike'd Up" as he's calling it, after his WNBC show). He spent most of the time I had it on talking about the Jets and the Mets. But did make an off-hand comment about the Yankees today that had me yelling at my radio.

Apparently, Francesa doesn't think very much of the upcoming AL postseason playoffs, and actually said that it has no "sizzle" since the Yankees won't going to the postseason for the first time since 1993.

He's the reason why so many people hate Yankee fans. That "it ain't right if the Yankees aren't there" attitude that makes hating them so easy. And the Yankee homerism from talk show hosts like Francesa makes him look like a jackass.

Yep, there's absolutely no reason to tune into the AL playoffs without the $200 million, underachieving Yankees in that fat blowhard's mind. Hey pal:

The Red Sox are trying to become back-to-back World Series champions for the first time since 1916.

The Rays are going to make the playoffs for the first time in their 11-year history with a young, exciting team. (And I can't say that about your beloved fourth place club.)

The Angels, with baseball's best record and making mince meat out of the AL West, is trying to win their first title in six years.

And whichever team takes the AL Central, they will have fooled all the prognosticators, as NO ONE picked either the White Sox or Twins to be anywhere near this year's playoffs. They are both great stories.

But yes, we have to forget about this year's playoffs because the Yankees, who everyone loves and respects, had a miserable year and won't be in the playoffs. Yeesh.

I predict Francesa's show will be even more unlistenable now that Mad Dog is on satellite radio.


Steel36 said...

No Yankees? THE HORROR!!!

Typical New York media-viewing the world out of their posteriors.

I will always have a soft spot for the Twins. Doing more with less and winning when "experts" say The Twins must have a $200 million payroll in order to win.

The Angels? dependable for the playoffs and little else. Though Teixeria's trade was for the ring.

The Rays? Well I thought for some time "one of these days...." Little did I expect it to be this year in this manner.

Everything that The Rays management has done in the last 12-18 months has gone right. When is the last time that has happened?

In my kids' lifetime, The Cubs just might win the BIG One!

CC Sabithia has had an awesome salary drive. I root for The Brew Crew to make the playoffs. Do it for Ueck!!

Michael Leggett said...


The World will return to normal, now that Carl Pavano has shown himself to be a Hi-Ho Stifferino and A-Fraud continues to show up until 2017;

And if the Yankees continue to play as stiffs for the next several years, their "New Overpriced Toilet III" will see sparse crowds;

It's a thought, as Yankee Fans will disappear into the woodwork, as Mr Hanky might be a No Show, himself.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I will always have a soft spot for the Twins also. They make the most of what they have, and they have a tremendous front office.

Can't pull for them now, as they are in the Wild Card race (albeit 7 back now). But I have a lot of respect for them.