Monday, September 22, 2008

Brush Up on Your Math Skills

This week's Trivia Night will have something different as far as the special category goes. The category will be called "What is the Number Trivia." I will give you two events where the answer is a number, and you have to either add, subtract, multiply or divide them to get the answer. Sounds complicated but it really isn't.

Here's an example (and it won't be part of the quiz):
The number of Red Sox World Series titles multiplied by the number of Beatles number one American singles. The answer would be: 7x20=140.

The events will be all different ones, everything from history to sports. We'll also have the usual four categories, and "The Q Train" lightning round will be True or False Trivia, the one we had to skip because of the lateness of the start last Tuesday. We should get going at the regular time of 9 PM this week.

This week's Sneak Peek question is:
A stone resting on a cliff's edge is said to possess what type of energy?

Hope to see many of you for Trivia on Tuesday night.

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