Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Moss Returns To Minnesota

After successfully burning what I thought was all of his bridges in Minnesota, I thought we Vikings fans had see the very last of Randy Moss after the 2004 season.

But to my utter surprise last night, I heard the Vikings were close to reacquiring him from the Patriots. And lo and behold, today Moss is once again a Viking, as they traded their number 3 pick in the 2011 draft to get him.

Moss was unhappy with his contract status in New England, and could have walked as a free agent after 2010. The Vikings say they will try to work out a contract extension with him before season's end.

It's the biggest deal the Vikings have made since getting Brett Favre. It was quite clear they needed a big play wide receiver, at least until Sidney Rice returns in a few weeks.

Can Moss be as big a threat with the Vikings as he was his first go round in Minnesota? I admit I'm skeptical, but we will soon find out, as he will be in uniform for the game against the Jets on Monday night.

And won't the Vikings game on Halloween be interesting? Moss will return to New England that day, as the Vikes play the Pats.

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