Thursday, October 21, 2010

35 Years Ago Tonight

A veterans counselor and therapist named Sean Maguire met his future wife Nancy in a bar, and he told his friends they'd have to get along the rest of the evening without him.

And Sean wound up missing this:

Thanks always, Pudge.


Peter N said...

Wow, great video. In '75, I was lucky enough to go to game one with Looie pitching and game two with the Spaceman row behind the first base bag. Looie was amazing. Q, never forget how good that crafty expert was. It rained at the exact wrong time for Bill and the Sox went on the road tied at one. I was sitting near the third base on deck circle (2nd row) when Pudge made the magic.

Thanks for the memories. I cried when we lost game seven. I had to go back to college in PA and watched game seven with my three "dear to me" roommates, all from NJ. They are my team and the Sox always will be. Forever.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Memories to treasure forever, Peter. I've had the distinct pleasure to have met both Looie and The Spaceman and I have picture with both of them. They are both gentlemen. Thanks for sharing, Peter.