Monday, October 11, 2010

CHB's Newest "Cursed" Team

As if Dan Shaughnessy has created enough enemies by inventing stupid, idiotic curses that don't exist, he's now going after another MLB team with "curses": the Texas Rangers.

And he's blaming Ted Williams for this one.

Yes, the Curly Haired Bastard is at it again. I bet he sees another book in the offing, and another cash cow down the road.

In his mind, if a team hasn't won a championship in a long while (or in Texas' case, never won), there must be some supernatural forces at work keeping them from winning. Now in his current article in Sports Illustrated, CHB drags out all of the Texas Rangers postseason failures, starting with the fact that Ted was the first Texas manager in 1972. And because Ted spent his whole career in Boston as a player with a team that never won it all, there must be a connection to the Rangers' postseason losses.

Oh brother. What name will he come up with for this? If they lose to the Rays tomorrow night, I'm sure he'll come up with one.

With thanks to my friend Lisa Swan for alerting me to this stupid nonsense.

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