Friday, October 22, 2010

How Goes The Parade Plans, Mayor Bloomberg?

Congratulations to the Texas Rangers on winning their first ever American League championship, with a convincing 6-1 win over New York tonight. All four of their wins were romps, as they outplayed the Yankees in every phase of the game.

I'm feeling good tonight for my friend Jaco, who is a Rangers fan who lives on Long Island, who has supported them through thick and thin. The Rangers absolutely deserved this title.

Happy Yankee Elimination Day to you all.

So much for that dimwit Michael Kay saying the Yankees had basically wrapped up a trip to the World Series with their "miracle" comeback win in Game 1.

And I guess Michael Bloomberg doesn't have to worry about World Series parade plans anymore.

Slappy sure didn't show up in this ALCS, and made the last out of the series by looking at a Neftali Feliz curveball. He will get hammered in the New York tabloids tomorrow.

The good times are back.

And good luck to the Rangers in the World Series. We in Red Sox Nation wish you all the best, and we thank you.


Peter N said...

A good time was guaranteed for all last night. As for the "parade," Bloomie might have put the hex on HIS team. The Rangers did most everything right and they deserve to be right where they are. Texas versus San Francisco. Who would have thought that?

Have a great weekend, JQ.

The Omnipotent Q said...

The world is a sunnier place today, Peter. Hoping for a TEX-SF World Series. You enjoy the weekend, too!