Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hicks & Gillett Won't Go Quietly

The saga of the sale of Liverpool's beloved soccer team took another turn last night as Tom Hicks and George Gillett filed suit in a court in Texas to block the sale of the team to John Henry.

They are calling the deal "an epic swindle" and had a restraining order filed. Liverpool's board is currently back in court trying to throw out the validity of the restraining order, as the deadline for resolving the 237 million pounds debt of Liverpool is tomorrow. If a deal is not done, Liverpool faces the death sentence of administration and a nine-point penalty in their EPL standings.

John Henry was in London last night at a Liverpool board meeting when the news of the lawsuit came down. Here's more about what happening from Soccernet.

This to me sounds like a last-ditch effort by Hicks and Gillett to get more money out of the deal, as they know they are about to abandon ship. They are trying to make themselves out to be victims, when the real victims are the fans of Liverpool, who have watched these two carpetbaggers come in and let a once-great franchise rot away.

UPDATE: The High Court of London has given the Royal Bank of Scotland the go-ahead to sell Liverpool to John Henry and New England Sports Ventures, ruling against Hicks and Gillett's pathetic attempt to keep the club away from Henry, this afternoon.

Welcome to the Nation, Liverpudlians!

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