Saturday, September 26, 2009

We Can All Breathe Easier

In a truly scary moment at Yankee Stadium last night, Jon Lester took a line drive off his right leg from a liner hit by Melky Cabrera in the third inning and had to leave the game. As he laying on the ground in obvious pain, I saw the entire Red Sox postseason going down the drain right there. The replays made it look like he took the shot right in the right knee.

Professor Thom's went silent, but once Lester got to his feet and walked off under his own power, we all knew that was a good sign. A short time later, the word came down that Lester was not hit in his knee, but in his quad, and it was just a contusion and is officially listed as day-to-day.


Forget last night's 9-5 loss. The positions for the playoffs are just about set anyway. (Texas beat Tampa Bay last night so the Magic Number remains at 3.) The Red Sox said after the game that Lester may even make his next start, which would be his final one of the regular season, on Thursday night against Cleveland. Losing Lester would be a disaster the Red Sox would not be able to overcome in October.

However, Hideki Okajima returned to Boston yesterday, as he has soreness in his side. He will be treated by acupuncture for the soreness and won't be available for either game against New York this weekend.

I will say one thing about last night's game. Jason Varitek should occupy a seat on the bench in the ALDS. He was a one-man wrecking crew of destruction against the Red Sox last night: two strikeouts, a double play that killed an inning, and New York stole 7 bases against him. His BA is now approaching .200. This should be an easy choice for Terry Francona.

Tek maybe the captain, but Victor Martinez should be behind the plate in October. He gives the Sox the best chance to win, and Tito should make that decision with his head and not his heart.

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