Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NY Arrogance at Full Blast (From Some Guy Named "Corky")

My friend Adam sent this to me this morning. Some jackass "writer" named Corky Siemaszko wrote this piece of shit this morning in the New York Daily News, which actually appeared on page 3 called "Red Sox Nation OK With Loser Status."

This is one of the main reasons why I don't read the New York papers any more. And how in the world does a paper like the News allow their third page to go to such brainless nonsense as this?

Basically, he's saying that we as Red Sox fans are "losers" because the Yankees won the division and the Sox are only going to the playoffs as a Wild Card.

Losers? Hey, Corky, do you think that the 22 teams and their fans that will be watching the postseason on TV would love to trade places with the Red Sox and their fans? And do I need to remind you that three teams have won the World Series this decade who were Wild Card winners, including the Red Sox in 2004? And that four other teams have reached the Fall Classic from the Wild Card in the 2000s? I know, it would be too taxing on your brain, as well as other Yankee fans of your ilk, to actually remember things like that.

And you've got your nerve saying we in Red Sox Nation are in "denial." Need I remind you about the night of October 20, 2004 and how your boys haven't won a playoff series since?

I also remember in 2007 how Yankee fans were saying that "anything can happen" in October, just as long as you get to the postseason. (The Sox won the World Series that year and New York took their usual first-round swan dive that year.) Funny how they don't feel that way this year since they won the division.

This so-called column is just your typical arrogant, obnoxious behavior from Yankee fans who think they have already won the World Series because they have a division title under their belts. (Or as my friend Jere likes to say, the Yankees have already won their World Series with this divison title.) I believe that Yankee fans who have any sense would wince at a column like this, as they know their team hasn't won anything yet, and anything short of a World Series title is considered a lost season. It's like putting the kiss of death on their team.

And ol' Corky quotes such Yankee fan "experts" as "NCparrothead" and "Stuckinsopranoland."

A really brilliant piece of American journalism, pal. (And besides, how can you take anything seriously someone named "Corky" writes in a newspaper anyway?)

It's no wonder why the Yankees and their fans are so despised, with crap like this wasting perfectly good newsprint. And it will be so sweet to look back on this once the Yankees do their usual tumble out of the playoffs this year.

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