Friday, September 18, 2009

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

I missed last night Red Sox-Angels finale, as I was doing some extra work on a TV show in Queens. But my trusty cell phone was helping follow the proceeds at Fenway.

I was shocked to see the Angels had once again scored a run last night after a batter had struck out with a man on third and a pitch got away from the catcher. My cell said it was a wild pitch on Josh Beckett.

But I caught the replay when I got home, and it was another passed ball by Jason Varitek (even it wasn't ruled one), like the one that cost the Sox four runs on Wednesday night.

Beckett pitched a good game, once again putting his recent struggles in the rearview mirror. He went eight innings and gave up three runs. He was supported by home runs by Jacoby Ellsbury and Jason Bay. Billy Wagner gave up the go-ahead run in the ninth on Howie Kendrick's bloop single with a man on second. The Angels took the finale of the series, 4-3, ending the Red Sox 7-game winning streak. The Red Sox went 7-1 on a very successful homestand.

More and more it appears the sun may finally be setting on Jason Varitek's Red Sox career. He's hitting .212, his defense is suffering and Victor Martinez continues to make a good impression with the Red Sox faithful.

The Sox now head to Baltimore for three with the Orioles, the start of the final road trip of the regular season. It will encompass 10 games, with stops in Kansas City and New York to follow.

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