Sunday, April 19, 2009

They Still Want Swisher (And Not For His Bat)

As you all probably know by now, the Cleveland Indians hung two touchdowns on the Yankees today at their new ballpark in the second inning, and coasted to a 22-4 stomping of the home side. The top of the second lasted nearly 40 minutes. The last time I remember a team scoring 14 runs in an inning was the Red Sox against the Marlins in the first inning of a game in June 2003.

Here is Chien-Ming Wang's line for the day:
1.1 IP 8 H 8 ER 1 BB 1 K (1 HR)

And for the 2009 season so far, Wang has made 3 starts and lasted 5 2/3 total innings. He has a 34.50 ERA and 4.83 WHIP, and has allowed 23 hits in less than 6 innings.

There is something radically wrong with this guy. Anyone remember Steve Blass?

As my friend Adam pointed out: If Wang 44 straight scoreless innings after today (and that five straight shutouts), his ERA will still be 4.14.

The "We Want Swisher" chants were back again on Saturday, and it sure wasn't for his bat.

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Steel36 said...

Maybe Swish would pitch better than poor Wang. Steve Blass Disease indeed.

Wang may be a Yankee, but it is still mystifying and sad to see a major league pitcher just lose it like he has.

Nick Swisher has made quite the impression. He may be a Yankee, but Swish is one of the true good guys in baseball. I root for him anyway.