Sunday, April 05, 2009

Invoking Buckner Doesn't Work Guys

I saw thousands of Red Sox fans at Citi Field the past two days, and saw no fights or anything remotely looking any angry altercations with any Mets fans. But I did make a few mental notes about what I saw.

Before the game on Friday night, there was some loudmouth Mets fan in the section next to us, randomly yelling out nonsense about the Red Sox. His main theme seemed to be "Buckner." This guy actually believed that yelling the name of the great former Red Sox player actually enrages Red Sox fans, like it is some kind of taunting device we've never gotten over. Funny some Mets fan trying use "Buckner" as a choker. Have you been watching baseball the last few Septembers, buddy? (Having so many family and friends as Mets fans I hate to point that out.)

I also saw some Mets fan wearing a team jersey that had "BUCKNER E-3" on the back of it. Looked pretty new to me, and if he wore it with the idea of "giving it" to Red Sox fans, well, see the above paragraph.

I also saw two rather "brave" souls at Citi Field yesterday. I saw a woman wearing a Cole Hamels jersey, and after the events of the last two Septembers, she better have had a bodyguard accompanying her. I also some guy wearing a "BOSTON STILL SUCKS" shirt, and naturally, he was also wearing a Yankee hat. That reminds me so much of those desperate Red Sox who wore "YANKEES SUCK" shirts while New York was winning championships. More than a little pathetic. And I guess he figured he was going to get some sympathy from Mets fans.

Bet that didn't happen.


Jere said...

I'm pretty convinced those people are mostly the type who "root for New York," (i.e. are armed with a back-up plan), because seriously, why would a Mets fan care about the Red Sox--and for those who do, wouldn't they realize that we've won twice since they've won?

The Omnipotent Q said...

The Mets had some knucklehead fans out there this weekend for sure. Tons of fans here who go with whomever's on top (aka The Spike Lee Theory of Frontrunning). There is the common bond of hatred (aka Yankees) but it doesn't run that deep...