Thursday, April 23, 2009

ABC Bringing Back "Millionaire" in August

I read on this morning that ABC is bringing back "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" for a limited run this summer, as it will mark the 10th anniversary of the start of its phenomenal success in America.

It sounds like Regis Philbin is on board with it. The plan is that it will run for 11 nights over two weeks, beginning on August 9th. They are planning on making the show a "hybrid" of both the original and the current daily edition that Meredith Vieira hosts. Here's more from Mediabistro.

As many of you know, it is one of my life's ambitions to be on that show, to take my shot in the Hot Seat. I tried out for the daytime show four times over the last few years, passing the test three times. I was never accepted as a contestant. (I can only imagine they are afraid of The Trivia Maven taking them for the big money.)

The Omnipotent Q will find a way to get on this primetime series. Somehow.


Ken In San Diego said...

John did you see "Slumdog Millionaire"? I can imagine the million dollar question being something about the Red Sox and you calling someone you know to tell them you just won a million dollars.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Haven't seen the film yet, Ken. But I plan to when it comes out on video..I like your thinking about me getting to the million dollar question, Ken!