Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Opening Days: Nothing Like It

Yesterday was one of those special days I always look forward to: baseball's Opening Day. Even though the Red Sox were rained out in Boston (and thankfully they called the game early in the morning) and I couldn't attend my opener at the Fens, I stayed in with my TV and checked out Opening Day around baseball.

Once again this year, I have the MLB Extra Innings package. And what a blessing it truly is. In addition to seeing the two New York teams in their local coverage, I saw games all over the USA and all day long. I watched a good part of the Dodgers-Padres game in San Diego, and Petco Park had the largest crowd in the park's short history. My friends Peggy and Ken were there, but the Padres came up a little short, 4-1.

I also watched some of the A's-Angels game, and it was strange seeing Nomar Garciaparra in an Oakland uniform. And since Matt Holliday obviously beat Nomar to the number 5, it was even more weird seeing him wear number 1. I'm looking forward to seeing Nomar's return to Fenway Park in the first week in July (assuming he's healthy, and that's NEVER a sure thing) and seeing him get the standing ovations he richly deserves.

The rebuilt Mets bullpen was stellar in their 2-1 win in Cincinnati, a game played in the rain and cold. 3 1/3 hitless innings pitched by Sean Green, J.J. (The Putz) Putz, and Francisco Rodriguez. And I really thought the Orioles were going to give a 6-1 lead away to the Yankees, as New York climbed back to 6-5 before the Orioles put it away in the eighth. And the Orioles fans sure let Mark Teixiera know they weren't happy with his decision to go to New York this past winter. (Check out my new countdown clock at the top of this blog.) Tex claims to be a lifelong Orioles fan, but also at times says it was his dream to be a Yankee. See you at Fenway on April 24, buddy.

Today, the Red Sox will kick off their 109th season against the Tampa Bay Rays, and it sounds like the weatherman will cooperate. Senator Ted Kennedy is scheduled to throw out the first ball if his health permits. They'll be a huge crowd at Thom's and I will be joining them. Since I am doing Trivia Night tonight, I can't go to the opener today. Thom's is certainly the next best thing.

Opening Day is here. Summer is not far behind. Thank goodness.

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