Thursday, April 16, 2009

Still Brainless After All These Years

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid some Yankee fans can be.

I caught part of the replay of the YES coverage of today's opening game of the new ballpark tonight, and I saw the nine-run seventh inning when the Cleveland Indians gave the Yankee bullpen an ass-hammering. It was 5-1 when Grady Sizemore went deep for a grand slam to put the game out of reach, and the Tribe went on to a 10-2 win.

Sizemore's slam landed in the right field seats, and YES showed a moron in that crowd throwing back the home run and raising his arms in the air to the applause of the cretins around him. Now think about what this doofus just did.

He threw back a piece of history. It was the first grand slam in the history of the new ballpark. If I caught that ball, it would be residing in my trophy case, regardless of who hit it. But instead, this guy would rather get five seconds of fame in the "look what I just did, ain't I cool" model.

Talk about a nitwit. Like I said a few days ago, blame it on those Cubs fans for starting this stupid trend.

And later that inning, Victor Martinez also hit a home run into the left field bleachers, and that ended up back on the field. Again, a home run hit in the first game of the park is still historic, no matter who hits it. It left me shaking my head again. (How much do you think Babe Ruth's first home run at Yankee Stadium in 1923 would be worth? Or any other homers in that first game would be worth?)

And BTW, I actually heard a media person the other day call this park, "The New House That Ruth Built." Let's get one thing straight folks. Babe Ruth has nothing to do with this ballyard, like he had nothing to do with the previous rebuilt stadium.

"The House That George Built Because He Needed Luxury Boxes" would be much more accurate.


Kevin said...

Brainless is about right. They could have put it in a trophy case or even sold it to a collector or someone and made some decent money for it. I bet they could at least get $10k for it with how crazy sports collectors are. I find it funny that guy just threw away money and made himself look like a moron. I also love how the Tribe has had some big games over the Yankees over the last few years. I hope they can keep it up.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I saw in today's Post, Kevin, the guy explained that he thought he would get killed if he didn't throw the ball back. No excuse. I would have stuck the ball in my pocket and dared anyone to try to get it off me. (And then hightailed it out of there.) Beyond the money, it's something you can show the grandkids one day: "here's the first grand slam hit in the third Yankee Stadium." I guess the applause of the mutants around him is more important. So be it.

Any team that has the Yankees number is OK with me (that is until the play the Red Sox)...

Michael Leggett said...

Then again, This is Bleacher Creature Country, replete with Roll Calls and Sheer Idiocy:

All part of Utter Moronity;

I'm not surprised.

Steel36 said...

You can change the stadium but sewer rats always find their way into the stands.

Though at this one, the stockbrokers can only afford the bleachers.

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