Monday, April 27, 2009

Mike Francesa is a Big Fat Idiot

I couldn't wait to put on WFAN earlier today and hear what the pompous blowhard of drive-time radio, Mike Francesa (pictured), would say about the just-concluded weekend series from Fenway Park.

I do my best to avoid him, as I believe he's everything I hate about Yankee fans: obnoxious, arrogant and entitled. The New York Daily News' TV and radio critic Bob Raissman calls him "The Sports Pope" as Francesa believes everything he says is the law and the gospel truth. And he's become ten times more arrogant and obnoxious since his longtime partner, Chris Russo, split for satellite radio.

Francesa opened with a complete rip job of his beloved Yankees, and actually went to great lengths to compliment the Red Sox for the way they've gone about building a winning team. But that wouldn't last very long, especially when the subject turned to Mike Lowell, and Jacoby Ellsbury's steal of home last night.

Francesa went on and on about how "lucky" the Sox were when it came to Lowell, and about how they tried to get rid of him "at least 10 times" since he came from the Marlins in 2005. This is where Fatso has little respect from me. The Sox have NEVER actively looked to trade Lowell since he came from the Marlins. Lowell had a bounce back year in 2006, after the disaster of 2005. In 2007, he led the Sox to the championship, and won the MVP award in the World Series. That led to a new three-year deal that winter. And in 2008, his bad hip started slowing him down late in the season, until Lowell was finally shut down before the ALCS.

But to hear Big Mouth tell it, it's like the Sox did their best to get rid of him and couldn't do it. The only time Lowell was mentioned in any kind of trade was during the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes last winter, which the Sox didn't win, of course. Typical crap from an empty head with an agenda.

And what he said about Ellsbury is the rantings of a loony Yankee fan who can't accept the Sox are just a better team than New York. He called Jacoby "classless" for stealing home last night, and then for acknowledging the crowd after they went ape when he pulled off the theft of home. He also said the Sox were laughing at the Yankees after it happened.

First off, it was a 2-1 game in the fifth, Sox leading, with two outs and the bases loaded and the struggling J.D. Drew at the plate. Ellsbury saw an opening, as Andy Pettitte was caught napping, and Ellsbury took advantage. It wasn't an 9-0 game in the eighth when doing something like that really would be classless. The fans went absolutely stir crazy, as a straight steal of home hasn't happened since 2007 (ironically against Pettitte by Aaron Hill). So it's a play that happens even less frequently than a triple play, and the fans, as well as the Red Sox players reacted to it. The Sox players weren't laughing at the Yankees, they were as surprised and as disbelieving as the fans were (me too). They kept standing and applauding and Ellsbury acknowledged them. (Fatso has his nerve ripping the curtain call, as who does those "curtain calls" more than those Yankee fans in The Bronx these days? And for the most inconsequential of home runs.)

And let's face it, if the roles were reversed, if say, Brett Gardner had done the same thing to the Sox in the Bronx, do you think the fans would have done the same thing, along with the Yankee players? I bet my life they would have. And Francesa would be complimenting Gardner, and those fans.

And to top it off, Francesa practically demanded the Yankees retailiate against Ellsbury when they meet again next Monday at The Wind Tunnel (aka The New Yankee Stadium), that they knock him on his butt the first time he comes up. Excuse me, pal, but I did not see or read even ONE Yankee player or coach complain about what Ellsbury did or its aftermath.

It never surprises me to hear Mike Francesa being a total horse's ass on the radio.

Suck it, Fatso.

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Steel36 said...

For Francesa, self-delusion is an important quality.