Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Did Caray Have a Rally Monkey in the Booth?

I'm glad that I've been watching the Red Sox postseason games in a crowded bar like Professor Thom's. I say that because most times it's been drowning out the abysmal broadcasts of TBS network. But last night at various times I was able to hear it, and quite clearly.

Let's say this straight out: Chip Caray absolutely blows as a lead play-by-play announcer. He was an unabashed homer doing the games in Chicago and Atlanta, and just isn't a very good broadcaster period. And in the ALDS he seemed to be nearly openly rooting for the Angels (or perhaps he just dislikes the Red Sox).

He's been doing the games with Buck Martinez. I never really disliked Martinez in past years. But I did read what a horrific job Caray's been doing on some other blogs (like Joy of Sox, Surviving Grady and A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory).

Last night when a Red Sox player struck out looking (Mark Kotsay if I remember correctly), all Caray could say was "Sit down!" Really objective broadcasting, eh? They seemed to get more excited during the Angels eighth inning rally than at any other time last night.

Caray's crappy work makes me appreciate the fine job Don Orsillo did on TBS with Harold Reynolds in the Rays-White Sox series. He's a professional broadcaster, prepared and organized. And he showed no bias for or against the Rays, despite being a Red Sox voice.

I can only guess Caray got his gig because of his famous name, his father and grandfather being legendary broadcasters. And now we are stuck with Caray and Martinez for the ALCS, where they will no doubt be shaking the Rays pom-poms.

But fortunately Thom's should be jam packed, and nice and loud for the ALCS.


Dan Sullivan said...

Red Sox fans really gotta get over this "all announcers except Jerry and Don suck" thing.

Every tandem gets skewered and ripped. I actually thought these guys were really good. I think Buck Martinez brings a good baseball perspective to the game and is enjoyable to listen to. Carey is fine and beats Joe Morgan all day long.

The TV game is a business. They want series to go the distance in order to generate more revenue and they want close compelling games that keep the casual viewers tuned in late into the night. Carey is guilty of letting you get that sense a bit more than he should.

You are not going to get National commentators to gush about the Sox.

I thought these guys were fine, knowledeable, and didnt overpower the game.

We need to get over this.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Listen, I know these guys in the booth want the series to go as long as possible, and a five-game series is what TBS wanted, and a seven-game one in the ALCS. (A longer series means more cash for the network.) I just find Caray annoying, even on the TBS Sunday games, and especially his cheerleading when he was with the Cubs and Braves. I don't find that very professional, from the Hawk Harrelson school of broadcasting.

To me, he was clearly sounding like he was boasting the Angels. I DO NOT expect any gushing over the Red Sox. But I do expect some objectivity.

Martinez is generally a good announcer and it wasn't him I had a problem with. And I'm generally not a guy who whines about announcers in the postseason. And I'm no Joe Morgan fan either.