Thursday, October 16, 2008

Congratulations to the Fightin' Phils

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies on becoming the 2008 National League champions last night, having beaten the Los Angeles Dodgers, 5-1, and taking the NL pennant 4-1.

I was pulling for the Phillies, as I could never in any good conscience root for any team that once called Brooklyn home and abandoned it. And it ends all the "Manny and His Magic Carpet Ride" BS. (So if the Red Sox aren't destined for the World Series this season, at least Ramirez and his cohorts were knocked out first.)

It was a well-earned victory for the Phillies in winning their first pennant in 15 years. They simply outpitched and outhit the Dodgers, and Cole Hamels was voted series MVP. I am also very happy for my friends who are Phillies fans, especially my friend Mike, one of Professor Thom's bartenders. He's a devoted fan, and will be attending Game 4 of the World Series, as he won a lottery for tickets a few weeks ago.

So, how about a Red Sox-Phillies World Series? The Sox have some work to do (but they have the Rays just where they want them, down 1-3), but it would be a great matchup.

But I also realized something earlier today about Phillies postseason history. They've won just one World Series in their history (1980 over KC), but have lost four times: to the Red Sox in 1915, Yankees in 1950, Orioles in 1983, and Blue Jays in 1993. So that means they have played every AL East in the Series but one: the Rays. Hmmm...

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