Saturday, October 11, 2008

BS From Boras

From yesterday's Los Angeles Times:

Scott Boras, the agent for Manny Ramirez, told the New York Times that Manny wasn't acting out so that the Boston Red Sox would trade him.

And, Boras says, he certainly didn't advise Ramirez to play his way out of Boston.

"Everyone said we went to Manny and said, 'Don't do things on the field that you would normally do,' '' Boras told the newspaper. "I can only say when people raise that question: Manny hit .360 in July, led the team in home runs, R.B.I.'s, the whole thing. What is it Manny wasn't doing? I would like to be responsible for Manny hitting .360.''

Boras is absolutely full of shit. I will always believe that it was Boras who was behind this circus with Ramirez wanting out of Boston. The moment I heard Ramirez had hooked up with Boras last winter, I knew it was trouble. At first I thought why would Boras want to represent him, as the Sox have two more options on him, for 2009 and 2010.

But it was Boras' plan to get Manny out of Boston so Boras could have another monumental payday. Hey, Manny was having a fine July, but it was clear he wasn't exactly hustling and became an incredible distraction for his teammates. Ramirez' comments at the All-Star Game that ticked off John Henry and the physical confrontation with the Red Sox travelling secretary made it clear he had no desire to play in Boston anymore.

Boras orchestrated this whole thing, no matter how much he tries to insult our intelligence that he was just an innocent bystander in this whole mess.

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