Monday, July 30, 2007

Clownin' Around at KeySpan

I received a very nice email today from Kyle Petersen, who works as a vendor at KeySpan Park, the Brooklyn Cyclones home park in Coney Island. I saw Kyle at the Cyclones game last Friday night, and he really stands out, as he is also a very talented juggler, as well as unicyclist. He walked right past my father and I as he was selling Cracker Jacks and juggling at the same time. Folks like Kyle make the experience of going to KeySpan that much more fun.

Here I am including a YouTube video of Kyle in action at KeySpan. (It's about three minutes long and definitely worth checking out.) He's a really talented guy, and he's got his own blog about the Cyclones and his exploits at KeySpan. Check that out also:

Always a pleasure to help out a fellow Cyclones supporter!

It was also good to find out on Kyle's blog that J. R. Voyles, the Cyclones second baseman who was beaned the other night, was not seriously hurt, and will be back in action soon.

The Cyclones are still in first place in the NYPL, at 26-12 and five games up on the Staten Island Yankees.

Thanks Kyle, and Go Cyclones!

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