Friday, July 27, 2007

And Ryan Went Deep Last Night

I was at Professor Thom's the other night and my buddy Willie pointed this out to me. Indians first baseman Ryan Garko bares quite the resemblance to Red Sox backup catcher and Internet cult hero Doug Mirabelli.

And on cue in last night's game, Garko tomahawked (if you'll pardon the expression) a pitch off of Julian Tavarez in the seventh for a three-run homer to keep last night's game close. Now, you don't suppose that Ryan told all of his teammates before the game, "Ryan's goin' deep tonight!"or anything like that, do you?

But I do wonder if celebrated his "bomb" by waking up his neighborhood when he got home and then fell asleep after midnight while watching some adult entertainment...

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freebrook said...

Ryan may look like Doug's dorky younger brother, but Dougie is the true STUD.