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Trivia Q&A: July 16

We had a total of 12 teams competing on Monday Night Trivia last night. We got going right around 9:30 PM, as the Red Sox win over Kansas City was a quick one (just 2 hours and 18 minutes). Most teams did well in the July 16th Trivia, as well as True or False. Most had a harder time with Current Events.

It was extremely close going into the final round, IQ Trivia. Four teams were separated by just two points, but a new team to Thom's, Ms. Amy Pants and The Waist Band, emerged victorious, as they had the best final round, rolling up 19 of a possible 25 points. They wound up winning by six points.

Second place was once again a team led by my friend Mariangela. Her teams have finished second an inordinate number of times the last few weeks. "You're worse than the Red Sox in that regard," I said to her, a Yankee fan, after the proceedings. Mariangela vows to get over the hump one of these weeks.

Go get 'em, girl. Remember the 2004 Red Sox!!

Current Events
1. This man was sworn in as the ninth president of Israel yesterday.
2. IAEA inspectors confirmed the shutdown of a nuclear reactor in this country over the weekend.
3. The 15th Pan American Games officially kicked off in this South American country last week.
4. An earthquake rocked this country yesterday, causing seven deaths, and starting a fire at a nuclear power plant.
5. This MLB team lost the 10,000th game in their history yesterday, becoming the first professional sports team to do so.
6. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of this western city and 500 alleged victims of clergy abuse reached a settlement of $600 million yesterday.
7. This country is expelling four Russian diplomats over the Kremlin'srefusal to extradite a key suspect in the murser of a former KGB agent.
8. Seve Ballesteros, an athlete in this sport, officially retired from active competition yesterday.
9. This rap singer pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and other counts on Sunday in the shooting of a woman in NYC last week.
10. This rock band has a petition on their website urging fans to push Congress to ensure US troops returning home traumatized by combat get the help they need.

Answers: 1. Shimon Peres; 2. North Korea; 3. Brazil; 4. Japan; 5. Philadelphia Phillies; 6. Los Angeles; 7. Britain; 8. golf; 9. Remy Ma; 10. Dave Matthews Band.

July 16th Trivia
1. This author's "Catcher in the Rye" novel was first published on this day in 1951.
2. This man became the Republican nominee for president on this day in 1980.
3. This first manned mission to the moon left Cape Kennedy today in 1969.
4. A civil war in this African nation ended today in 1994.
5. This magazine founder and his wife were killed in a plane crash this day in 1994.
6. Millenium Park in this US city opened today in 2004.
7. A mission that eventually became this California city was founded on this date in 1769.
8. Haile Selassie signed the first Constitution of this African country in 1930.
9. These two countries signed the Treaty of Good Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation in 2001.
10. This business icon was sentenced to five months in prison for lying about a stock sale in 2004.

Answers: 1. J.D. Salinger; 2. Ronald Reagan; 3. Apollo 11; 4. Rwanda; 5. John F. Kennedy Jr; 6. Chicago; 7. San Diego; 8. Ethiopia; 9. China and Russia; 10. Martha Stewart.

True or False ("The Q Train")
1. "The fickle finger of fate" is an example of an aliteration.
2. The track stars Florence Griffith Joyner and Jackie Joyner-Kersee were actually sisters.
3. When writing in Russian, the Cyrillic alphabet is traditionally used.
4. The last line of "The Communist Manifesto" encourages "working men of all countries to unite."
5. Tiffany lamps are famous for their lampshades made of silk.
6. The Mall of America, the largest indoor shopping center in the Us, is located in California.
7. Susan Faludi's 1991 book "Backlash" examines the media's negative portrayal of the feminist movement.
8. Farsi is the official language of Iraq.
9. Pima is a type of cotton.
10. The last men walked on the moon in 1972.

Answers: 1. true; 2. false, they were sisters-in-law; 3. true; 4. true; 5. false, they are made of stained glass; 6. false, it is in Minnesota; 7. true; 8. false, it is Iran; 9. true; 10. true.

General Knowledge
1. Over which South American city does the 100-foot statue "Christ the Redeemer" stand?
2. The US Naval Station Pearl Harbor is located on which Hawaiian island?
3. Which zodiac sign is represented by a goat?
4. "There is nothing wrong with your television set" began every episode of which classic sci-fi TV series?
5. The 1983 TV movie, "The Day After" depicted what event happening to Lawrence, Kansas?
6. Which Asian country's legislature, established in 1890, is known as The Diet?
7. In which city is the Byzantine cathedral known as Hagia Sophia located?
8. The famous 1980 box office disaster "Heaven's Gate" belongs to which movie genre?
9. Inventor James Watt, known for his work on the steam engine, devised what unit of measure?
10. In 1959, Berry Gordy founded what famous record label?

Answers: 1. Rio De Janeiro; 2. Oahu; 3. Capricorn; 4. "The Outer Limits;" 5. a nuclear attack; 6. Japan; 7. Istanbul; 8. Western; 9. horsepower; 10. Motown Records.

IQ Trivia
1. Which future US president represented the British soldiers in the trial of the Boston Massacre? (4 points)
2. In 1985, who was the first US musician to perform in the Soviet Union after the cultural exchange suspension was lifted? (6 points)
3. According to her famous poem of 1920, how did Edna St, Vincent Millay's candle burn? ( 5 points)
4. Eric Blair was the birth name of which famed British author? ( 5 points)
5. The Superfund program was created in 1980 by Congress to do what? ( 5 points)

Answers: 1. John Adams; 2. John Denver; 3. At both ends; 4. George Orwell; 5. Clean up toxic waste.

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