Monday, July 02, 2007

Even A-Rod's Wife Hates Yankee Fans

As if the Yankees don't need any more bad publicity, Alex Rodriguez' wife Cynthia was spotted at Yankee Stadium wearing an obscene phrase on the back of her shirt at yesterday's game, in clear view for everyone sitting behind her to see.

Many Yankee fans were upset by what they saw, and rightly alerted security. A few were with children as well. (And the classy Mrs. A-Rod was with the couple's two-year-old daughter as well.)The Yankees have a policy of not having fans wear obscene or crude t-shirts, and will make them take them off or not let them into the park. But even after security was alerted, they did absolutely nothing.

Well, after all, it was A-Rod's wife. I guess she can do just about anything she wants. If they caught her with a gun, would they also do nothing?

I can only assume Mrs. Rodriguez wore the shirt to piss off the Yankee fans, who've given her husband a hard time in his tenure in the Bronx. Or maybe it was directed at the media for the same reason. Whatever the reason, it was an incredibly lame and stupid thing to wear. And especially since she was with her child at the time, too. Talk about crude, and absolutely no class. I would bet anything we'll hear some incredibly lame excuse like, "I didn't realize I was wearing it" or some BS like that.

Just what Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees need right now, more bad publicity to go with their train-wreck of a season. There aren't enough reasons to despise A-Rod, but most people were giving his wife a free pass after her husband was caught with the blonde in Toronto.

Well, that pass is gone. Now I really believe that Alex Rodriguez will take a hike after 2007 from the Bronx, and I bet no one will miss him, or the F-bomb shirts his wife has no problem wearing in public. (My thanks to Steve at WasWatching for the Post headline.)


Unknown said...

I find the comparison between A-Rod's wife's obscene T-shirt and her potentially carrying a loaded gun into the stadium to be a valid one.

That organization has no class. NONE! I guess it will take someone shooting a family to death in the stands before they do something.

Their fans will never understand that because they're mercenaries, just like the players.

Mark Beacon said...

This makes me glad to be a Red Sox fan. The fact that she would wear that shirt to Yankee Stadium really speaks volumes about how the players feel about their fans - and it is certianly well deserved. The difference between Red Sox fans and Yankees fans in these situations is that we actually support and encourage our players when their struggling. In last night's game, Julio Lugo was applauded for dropping down a succesful sac bunt. This is exactly the kind of encouragement players need when their struggling. In New York, he would be getting booed right out of the stadium by his own fans. Wow - I'm really glad that I was raised a Red Sox fan!