Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Shoe's On The Other Foot

Well, just when I said I enjoyed 1-0 games, especially when my team wins, the Red Sox lose the next game by the same score. It was one of the best pitched games of the year by both teams. Fausto Carmona, who the Red Sox beat twice last season as the Indians closer, one on a Big Papi game-winning homer, looked sensational, pitching eight solid innings. He won his 13th game, and currently has an 18-inning scoreless streak now.

Josh Beckett was superb as well, as he pitched a complete game, allowing just a home run to Franklin Gutierrez. It was a really tough game to lose, but not like the games the Red Sox lost to Kansas City and Chicago last week. Those games make you want to pull your hair out, as they were against clearly inferior teams at home, and they wasted upteen opportunities to score runs every game.

Last night was a case of running into a buzzsaw. You just have to tip your hat to a really well-pitched game by a starter having a terrific year.

Now over the last three games in Cleveland, the Sox have allowed just three runs to the hard-hitting Indians, and won two out of three. The pitching has been sensational as of late. Their lead in the AL East is now at 6 1/2 games.

But the Yankees continue to beat up on the Kansas City Royals, who gave the Red Sox and Tigers nothing but trouble last week on the road. Nice of them to roll over like dogs when they go home to meet the Yankees.

And once again I ask the same question I asked yesterday. When was the last time the Yankees won a 1-0 game?

The red-hot Kason Gabbard takes the hill for the Red Sox in Cleveland tonight to conclude the four-game series.

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Michael Leggett said...

Go, K-Gab, Go!