Saturday, September 01, 2012

Another Putrid Month Ends: 9-20 For August

A truly embarrassing month of August ended with the Red Sox nearly as horrific as they were last September: 9 wins, 20 losses since July 31. (They were 7-20 in last year's final month.)

And they ramped up the embarrassment even further by getting absolutely smoked by the Oakland A's tonight, 20-2. (I think I have written the word "embarrassment" and "embarrassing" more on this blog in 2012 than I have in all previous years I've written here combined.)

Ladies and gentlemen, this terrible Red Sox team could not only be the first team under .500 since 1997, but it maybe the worst Sox team since 1966, when that crew went 72-90. (You remember what happened next for that team? Dick Williams came in, took over the club and made history.)

I really thought the A's were going to be horrific this year, and a candidate to drop at least 100. They sure have proved me wrong, and that was certainly on display for the world to witness on Friday night.

This is also a Red Sox team that has clearly bagged it. Bobby Valentine should do all of us a favor and just walk away now. This team will NOT win with him as the manager. The credibility and stability that were hallmarks of the last decade's team is completely gone.

Time to start fresh. Get rid of The Smartest Guy In The Room and tell him to take his coaches with him. Like everyone else in Red Sox Nation, we are fed up and tired of this crap. Big changes are needed throughout the locker room.

And the manager's office is a good place to start.

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