Saturday, January 08, 2011

Henry Fires The Manager. No, Not Tito.

John W. Henry made his second firing of a manager, and it wasn't someone in a Red Sox uniform. (You remember the first, don't you? The guy who left Pedro in too long. The name escapes me at the moment.)

It was Liverpool's manager Roy Hodgson, who left the team after six months and by "mutual consent." A dispiriting loss to bottom feeders Wolverhampton earlier this week meant the end to Hodgson, as Liverpool slipped back into the bottom half of the Premiership standings. And the big news is the return of legendary Liverpool player and manager Kenny Dalglish, who comes in on an interim basis, or as "caretaker manager." Here's more from NESN.

Dalglish was part of one of Liverpool's most successful runs in the 1980s, and was part of 7 league titles, 3 European Cups and 5 domestic cup wins.

Dalglish also steps into the deep end of the pool, as Liverpool takes on Manchester United at Old Trafford in the a third round FA Cup match tomorrow.

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