Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Return of Hankenstein

Yes, Hank Steinbrenner (pictured) is still alive.

He was great fodder for all of us on the Internet with all of the stupidity that came out of his mouth a few years back. But then the Yankee brass made a smart move for them in shutting him up. But Hank's back in form and he gave an exclusive interview to the New York Post. And Hankenstein didn't disappoint, with this beauty:

"It really comes to avoiding injuries," he said. "It's like what happened to Boston last year. We had the injuries three years ago and, of course, nobody ever makes excuses for us. If the Red Sox have injuries it's 'Oh, the injuries.' If the Rays have injuries, if the Phillies have injuries, it's 'the injuries.'

"If the Yankees have injuries, nobody in the media acknowledges that."

Is he kidding with rubbish like this? Nobody in the media talks about the Yankees when they get hit with key injuries? Nobody makes excuses for them? Bloody hell.

This guy is some piece of work.

It sure was dull when Hank had a muzzle on his mouth.

The rest of the Yankee brass better go back and find that muzzle. Nice to have you back, Mr. Hankee.

With thanks to Matt at Fenway West for alerting me to this story.

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