Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Geddy's Back As Ramirez Departs

The Max Ramirez Era in Boston has come to very fast end, after just five days, as the Red Sox lost the catcher they picked up last Wednesday to the Chicago Cubs. They put Ramirez on waivers so they could add the recently-signed Hideki Okajima on the 40-man roster (as Ramirez had no options left to be sent to the minors).

My friend Ken put it best about this news on Monday:

"Let me be the first to point out that the Sox never lost a single game during the Max Ramirez Era."

Yep, something Max can brag to the grandkids about one day.

But as Ramirez leaves, old friend Rich Gedman is back with the Red Sox organization, as he was named the Lowell Spinners batting coach for 2011. My buddy Jere is understandably ecstatic over this news.

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